About Us

We believe in serving our customers to the best of our abilities

What we provide

Kamani Tubes Limited is a 58 year old manufacturing company that produces quality copper and copper alloy products which are widely in demand due to their usage in various electrical and electronic products. Under the careful guidance of our honoured chairperson, Padamshree awardee, Mrs. Kalpana Saroj, KTL is steadily climbing the stairs to success and boasts of an ever growing list of satisfied clients across various sectors. Be it the demand for copper electrical wires or copper alloy rods or any other product that require copper as a base material, KTL offers premium quality copper products at affordable prices with prompt delivery to our revered clients.





Our Vision

We aspire to register global presence as the trusted and respectable suppliers of premium copper & copper alloy products by using methods & operation techniques that are not harmful to our planet.

Our Mission

We aim to walk on the path shown to us by our founding father Mr. Kamani and now, Mrs. Kalpana Saroj and produce high quality copper products that are cost effective, improve your business operations as well as help you gain market presence.

Our Values

We work on a comprehensive value system that consists of three core principles:

  • Trust - fulfilling the commitment made to our clients by making optimal use of our resources.
  • Integrity- conducting business in an honest & transparent manner
  • Safety & responsibility- guaranteeing safety in our operational system for our employees and not harming our environment.

KTL History

‘We have fought and conquered the battle for survival and emerged as a winner’

Kamani Tubes Limited, also known as KTL, began its humble journey in the year 1959 when the renowned owner of Kamani Group of Industries, Mr. Ramjibhai Kamani laid down the foundation for this company and set up its base in Kurla, Mumbai. With the intention of producing 3000 tpa copper tubes & 3200 tpa copper alloy rods/section, KTL soon began to flourish under the care of Mr. Kamani. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, the company had to shut down its business in September 1985. Then again, in the year 1988, by the order of Supreme Court of India, a workers’ co-operative society decided to take over the KTL business under the sanction of BIFR rehabilitation scheme. IDBI bank was appointed as the MA i.e. monitoring agency for looking after the successful implementation of the scheme. But that too, didn’t materialize and the company failed to generate enough funds to clear its debts and cross breakeven point and had to be declared sick in the year 1995.

The New & Revamped KTL

‘We were reborn just like a phoenix rises from its ashes to provide Service Beyond Imagination’

However, destiny had other things in mind for KTL because in the year 2006, revered businesswoman, Mrs. Kalpna Saroj along with Mr. Manna Gore, the present managing director of KTL took over the company and changed its dynamics for the better. They first cleared all its previous debts, installed state of the art technology and opened a new unit in Wada, Mumbai. Since then, the company has not looked back and with its fresh look, rigorous approach to work and well trained team of professionals is well on its way to retain its previous glory.

Be it our long standing customers or newly interested prospective clients, Kamani Tubes Limited welcomes all and extends an invitation to be a part of our successful business venture. Get high quality copper tubes, brass rods, sections and more with quick delivery guaranteed!