About Kamani Tubes Limited

KTL, set up in 1960 by the Kamani Group of Industries belonging to Shri N.R.Kamani had facilities at Kurla, Mumbai for manufacture of 3000 tpa of copper alloy tubes and 3200 tpa of copper alloy rods/sections. The unit, closed since September 1985 was reopened in 1988 when, at the behest of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, a workers’ co-operative society took over the company after the sanction of rehabilitation scheme by BIFR in September 1988. To implement the scheme IDBI Bank was appointed the MA (Monitoring Agency). However, as the company could not implement the sanctioned scheme, BIFR at a hearing held on May 26, 1995 declared the scheme as failed. Subsequent attempts to revive the Company failed to materialise and a scheme agreeable to all parties to generate funds & settle dues could not be formulated.
KTL was a sick company that was taken over by Mrs. Kalpana Saroj in 2006. The new management has paid off existing debt & liabilities and has installed state-of-the-art technology at the plant in Wada.

The new management Of KTL led by Mrs. Kalpana Saroj has shown serious intent in reviving the company and turning its fortunes around. KTL has Started its operations in its new premises at wada and now is no longer a Sick Company.


We aspire to be the global industry in supply of Copper and Copper Alloy products, and to be a responsible member of society and planet in doing so.

Our Mission

To be consisitent with values of our founder Shri Ramjibhai Kamani, promoter now Mrs. Kalpana Saroj and manufacture the quality of product for our customers which will enable them to

  • Improve their products and operations
  • Save cost
  • Strengthen the market presence


Integrity : We will conduct our business with honesty and transperancy in our transactions

Trust : We will work for benefit of the communities we serve.

Responsibility : Awareness toward environment is a value of KTL

Safety : Guarantying the safety at work place will be priority of KTL